Want to Learn More About Microsoft Updates?

If you use Microsoft Updates then you probably do not know what is going on. Here’s the deal: Microsoft is extremely annoying because the things they do are so petty and not very effective.

In the past few years, Microsoft has really done an excellent job of building a huge empire and is making big bucks in the process. However, they have gone to such an extent that they seem to have lost touch with reality. Their actions constantly get them into trouble and no one knows how to resolve this.

Java No Longer Compatible?

For example, Microsoft just recently tried to prevent you from using the classic Java browser because it wasn’t approved by their standards group. The Java browser is not compatible with Windows XP and Microsoft has just continued to do this. Yes, you can run the browser but it is extremely buggy and does not work very well.

Now, if you use Microsoft Updates then you must have received a notification that a new version of Java is out. What is this? The new version of Java is not compatible with Windows XP and Microsoft made this discovery and has sent out an update to inform everyone of this.

It makes no sense. One could argue that it’s too late because most people don’t use Windows XP anymore and they need a new version of Java. However, the fact that the company is doing this just goes to show that they still have not figured out that everyone has moved on.

Another example is Microsoft’s constantly changing about line of desktop operating systems. When Microsoft says something, you must either believe them or you don’t. This just doesn’t happen with Microsoft and that is why people avoid them like the plague.

What happens if Microsoft updates your PC?

It installs a set of Windows updates. These updates will add a series of features to your computer. They are one-time-only features.

It is extremely frustrating to use these Windows updates. You may wonder why Microsoft doesn’t just simply remove these updates? The answer is pretty simple: Microsoft doesn’t want you to upgrade to a newer version of Windows, they don’t want you to buy a new PC, and they don’t want you to use a third party software.

What a nice thought it would be if you were able to download and install all of the latest features from Microsoft. Well, that dream has come true with a free trial. This allows you to try out all of the newest applications.

  • Microsoft just would not stop trying to manipulate you. They want to play god and make it impossible for you to do anything.
  • If you use Microsoft Updates then you are trapped.
  • To make it worse, Microsoft just won’t give you any sort of choice in how to handle the PC upgrades.
  • The only way to do this is to spend some time with a Microsoft partner who will give you control over the situation.