Our Team

Monica Smith CFO

Ms. Smith is Co-Founder and Chief Financial Officer of the LG Networks, Inc. organization. She and Chief Executive Officer Lou Garcia founded the network support organization with a focus on services and customer relations.
Monica has over 34 years in the financial arena and also holds a position with major stock brokerage firm in Dallas. Monica is a Senior Registered Client Services Associate for 36 years and holds numerous financial and securities licenses. During her spare time her hobbies include spending time with her family, working on her home, cooking and collecting teapots.

Lou Garcia

Lou Garcia CEO

Mr. Garcia is Co-Founder and President of LG Networks, Inc. organization. He and Chief Financial Officer Monica Smith founded the network support organization with a focus on services and customer relations. Though a business-person first, Lou evolved into technology and has delivered client successes working with corporate, local government, non-profit and education organizations. His engagements cover comprehensive network security, server and storage virtualization, business continuity, and related technology projects. Whether providing hands-on technical services, managing a project, or writing technical materials such as System Documentation, Network Audits, or Security Assessments, he prides himself on his work quality and attention to detail. Mr. Garcia holds a B.A. in Business from Northwestern University and a Master’s in Management from Kellogg School of Business and has been in roles such as senior management, sales, operations, technology and project management, prior to moving into LG Networks. Mr. Garcia is a single father and enjoys quality time with family, collecting old movies, boating and going to church.

Help Desk Technicians

Nate Bigler

I have worked in the IT field for 14 years, starting with a dial up ISP help desk. From there I worked as a technician maintained the ROSA III robotic arm in various nuclear power plants around the country. Afterwards I have received my degree in Computer Information Management from International Academy of Design and Technology. Post school I worked as a technician at Sony working on PCs, TVs, and building electrical components. Once Sony started closing the plant, I spent five years as an Assistant Administrator/Service Desk Engineer for the Diocese of Pittsburgh. Once they outsourced their IT staff I began my career here as a Service Desk Engineer.

Shauna Caughman

I am a Level 2 Service Desk Engineer that has been with Zenith since November 2010. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Sciences from the University of Pittsburgh and I am a certified A+ and Outlook 2007 technician. Previously I served as a Helpdesk Technician at an Engineering Consulting Firm for three years. I have experience in the following technologies: Symantec Endpoint Protection, Backup Exec, Active Directory, Microsoft Office XP-2010, Cisco equipment, and all current Microsoft Client and Server Operating Systems.

Matthew Diamond

In 2010, I graduated from Penn Commercial with a 4.0 GPA and obtained a Network Administration Associate’s degree. I gained my Microsoft Office certification in early 2011. My past experience includes over two years working with Internet services such as Dial-Up connections and VoIP technology. I’ve been working here since August of 2010 as a Level 1 technician.

Troy Edmonds

I started here in February of 2011. I Graduated from Pittsburgh Technical Institute with an Associate’s degree in Information Technology with a concentration in Network Administration. Soon after, I would start a career in IT with a local nonprofit hospital as a Help Desk support agent, as well as a level two technician that dealt with remote office computer repair. Currently, I am a Level One technician on the Virtual Help Desk.

Troy Erwin

I currently work on the Service Desk as an engineer. A resident of Ambridge, PA, I have a wife and three children. A big Airedale terrier (Jackson) rounds out our family, and I enjoy all sports, music, and am an avid bowler and Muskie fisherman. I graduated from RMU and DCI.

David Gross

I’m 45 and have worked in telecom and IT full-time since 2004. I have worked with computers in general since the 1980s and the days of the Apple 2 and Commodore C-64 and Vic-20. I graduated with a BA from the State University of New York at Buffalo, and also have almost completed an AAS in Information Technology with a concentration in UNIX. I completed Microsoft Certified Classroom Instruction for the MCDST and MCSA for Windows XP and Server 2003. I am a Microsoft Certified Professional for Windows 7 and a Microsoft Office Specialist for Outlook 2003 and Outlook 2007. I started with here at the Service Desk, making me the longest-serving technician in the department. I have gained experience working in desktop operating systems from Windows 2000 and later, with Microsoft’s server offerings since Server 2000 including the Small Business Server variants, as well as all versions of Office since Office 97. Due to working with customers in Quebec, Canada, I am also experienced in working with the French-language variants of Windows XP and 2000, as well as French-language versions of Office from Office 97 and up to Office 2003. When I’m not in front of a monitor I like to read, cook, catch live local music, visit the museums, go to the park, see movies and enjoy the activities and events that the Pittsburgh area has in abundance.

Martin Meder

I have experience with network hardware and software setup and troubleshooting. I also have deep knowledge of many operating systems and their components, including: Microsoft DOS, Windows 3.x, 9x, NT4, 2000, XP, and IBM OS2. With over 27 years of IT industry and more than 50 vendor certifications from HP, Compaq, IBM, and other leading hardware vendors, I am the technology expert you can count on. I also have experience managing a field service office with a large customer base, as well as extensive phone and onsite technical support experience.

Johnathan Trinkley

Johnathan Trinkley took three years of Vocational Technical training while still in high school. After graduating from high school, he went on to graduate with an Associate’s degree in Information Technology from Pittsburgh Technical Institute. After graduating from Pittsburgh Technical Institute, he then completed a six month internship at Heritage Valley Hospital in Beaver, Pennsylvania. He is now a proud member of the Help Desk team.

Dominic Villella

I graduated with an Associate’s in Information Technology from the International Academy of Design and Technology in 2001; from there I finished up my Bachelor’s at California University of Pennsylvania and graduated in 2003. My work experience spans from call centers as support agents to a NOC engineer in a datacenter to a network engineer at an ISP. I enjoy all aspects of technology and breaking/fixing all things technical.

Tracy Hazelton

Hi my name is Tracy Hazelton and was born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas. I went to school at Tarrant County College where I graduated with an AAS in Network Security. I hold various certifications in Information Technology. I married my wife in 2009 and have been happy every day since then. I have a strong background in mobile communications. I have published various mobile applications that are being used today in the common market. I pride myself in providing great customer service and have a Customer Satisfaction Index of 99.87. Currently I am studying for Cisco Certification. My hobbies include being a DJ and producing music.

Clint Calvin

My name is Clint Calvin. I have lived in the Dallas area my whole life. I started my education in 2001 at multiple schools in Dallas County Community College District with a concentration in networking. I earned my certificate for Personal Computer Tech from Brookhaven College in 2004. In 2003 I entered the wireless phone industry in the sales division and learning the technical aspects of how wireless communications worked until 2008. I married my beautiful wife and am blessed to have a wonderful son. I decided to go back to school in the fall of 2011. In pursuit of an Associate’s Degree in Applied Science with a concentration in Microsoft servers and Cisco Routing and Switching. I have earned the following certificates in Networking Support and Networking Associate. I have Skills Achievement’s in: Cisco Networking Intern, and Cisco Networking Assistant.

Program Project Management Team

John Sommerville

Hello, my name is John Sommerville. I am a graduate from The University of North Texas. I studied in Denton for 5 years. Some of my enterprise experience is working for schools’ Library department where I was the Operational Support Technician managing close to 500 computers. I graduated with a degree in Electrical Engineering and with a Minor in Mathematics.
I enjoy programming and am versed in many different languages, including C++, C, C#, VB.NET, VHDL, Verilog Design, Perl, Python, and Javascript . In my free time I enjoy bicycling, longboarding, scuba diving, video games. I have a pet beta fish named Max.

Mary Capps

Mary Capps graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a BBA in Management Information Systems. She has worked as a programmer/analyst for Image Sciences, a software company specializing in image archival and retrieval for almost 3 years.
Mary has returned to the workforce after taking some time off to raise her children, she serve as a preschool coordinator at her church, and teach taekwondo. Now, she wears many hats at LG Networks, serving as the Executive Administrator to Mr. Garcia, and also with bookkeeping, advertising, and human resources duties, as well.

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